Body Wave vs Deep Wave, Which Hair To Choose?

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What is deep wave hair

Human hair extensions are becoming more and more popular among the hair lover community, a lot of women use hair extensions as an indispensable accessory. However, just a few people really know the difference and quality of each type of hair texture. This is especially true when comparing the body wave VS deep wave.

Most people when it comes to these two hair textures are quite confused, they have obvious differences in texture, but each texture suits different styles, requiring different levels of maintenance. That’s why many people wonder which hairstyle should you choose? If you are one of them, continue reading the article to know the answer.

I. What Is A Body Wave?

vq hair body wave vietnamese hair

Body wave hair is looser wave, which is created by using a larger curling roller to create an S shape.

This curl is perfect for anyone with naturally straight hair who are looking for more natural-look and looser curls, but don’t want to use heat or styling tools every day to achieve the look they want.

Body wave weave has a perfect and shiny look. The hair looks natural and blends easily with most hair styles.

If you take care of your hair, you will notice that the waves are looser. This hairstyle is even more amazing when you are thinking of blending with your hair. Body weaves slightly between curls and straight hair.

If you are looking for a straight hairstyle but don’t want bone straight, then you should try a body wave hairstyle.

If you’re not sure if you want straight hair, let’s think about body wave hair. It is made of 100% human hair, the weft is sewn carefully and firmly, the hair is not easy to fall out and not easy to tangle.

Hair has elasticity and bounce giving you a beautiful and youthful appearance. In addition, the hair is quite long and manageable, so it is easy to style it differently if you want.

II. The Features Of Body Wave Hair

  • The hair is characterized by massive volume.

  • Make 100% human hair. You make anything you want with this hair.

  • It has large waves, so it requires low maintenance.

  • Its appearance is great, luster, soft, silk and bouncy

III. What Is A Deep Wave Hair?

What is deep wave hair

Deep waves are one of the most popular hair textures in the hair market, you can find this texture at any hair shop. This hair pattern often has curls similar to water waves, loose deep waves. Deep waves have tighter curls than loose waves, and are looser than water waves.

This hair is characterized by 100% unprocessed hair, the hair can come from many different sources such as Brazil, Vietnam,Malaysia… The weft is carefully sewn to keep the hair from falling out. The hair is strong, shiny, thick without split ends and has high elasticity.

Deep wave hair is volume, easy to style and mix with many different styles. Hair with small curls and ability holds the curl better than body waves.

IV. The Features Of Deep Wave Hair

1. Double weft, tight and neat, not easy tangle, not easy to shedding.

2. Curls go in the same direction.

3. Shiny, bouncy, high elasticity

4. Long lasting

5. Health and thick at the end, no split

6. 100% human hair

7. Hold curl well

V. Major Differences Between body wave vs deep wave hair

Body wave vs deep wave

There is a clear difference between deep wave vs body wave, the difference is mainly in the shape of the curls.

Hair texture: Body wave curls form an S shape. On the other hand, deep wave curls are tighter and almost curly.

Hold curl ability: deep waves have better hold than curly hair.

Hair care: Body wave hair does not need too much care, because the curl is very light. Meanwhile, deep wave hair is almost curly hair, holds better and requires higher care.

Hairstyle: Body waves are suitable for gentle styles, deep waves are suitable for more personal styles.

VI. Which One Is Better, Body Wave VS Deep Wave?

Both deep wave and body wave hair are made from 100% natural human hair, no chemicals, healthy and beautiful hair and excellent quality. Each hair texture will bring a different style and beauty, so it is difficult to say which is better, you can try both styles to feel the difference among them.