How To Take Care Of Lace Closure Wig

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how to care for a wig

After installing a lace closure wig, you will get a fabulous and attractive look, making you look more beautiful. But it is essential to take proper care of your wig to maintain its durability and keep it natural. So, for your convenience, here we will discuss some crucial points that you should keep in mind to take care of your wig correctly.

how to care for a wig

  1. While applying a lace closure wig, make sure you stitch the closure wig down flat and tight. If it is loose, it will not look good.
  1. Always inspect and make sure the lace closure wig is not turning out of place while sewing it down.
  1. When washing, gently swish your lace closure wig. Plus, the stylist recommends adding a bit of shampoo to a bit of spray bottle, then loading with moderately warm water.
  1. Remember not to rub or twist the wig when you carry the lace closure wig. Because rubbing or twisting can ruin your hairstyle or make it noticeable to everyone. So you have to be alert to make it look natural.
  1. Do not pull or brush hair while wet because this will loosen the knots. And, always keep in mind to wash and condition utilizing moisturizing products.
  1. We suggest using a small number of everyday moisturizers like coconut to combat frizziness or dryness.
  1. The excessive heat damages the wig’s ends, which may lead to the drying out of the cuticles. Thus, when you set the lace wig on your head, assure that you guard it against the direct heat of the sun.
  1. When you comb the hair on a lace closure wig, it is necessary to be extra cautious. Because impulsive force may loosen or dislocate it from the base. Ensure that you brush the hair from the ends to the top to prevent the damage, ensuring that you don’t reach too close to the lace base.
  1. The last thing to keep in mind while using the lace closure wig, be careful with dyes, chemicals, bleaches, and rinses because they could damage or harm your natural hair.
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