How to choose the right wig for you?

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There are 3 types of wigs on the market:

  1. Synthetic hair

Chemical fiber hair is more plastic, which is more suitable for cosplay. It’s disposable., not for daily wearing. And It’s much cheaper.

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  1. Human hair mixed with synthetic fiber

Some wigs have 70% real hair and 30% synthetic on the market. It’s usually labeled. We need to pay attention to the introduction of raw materials.

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  1. Human hair

Real hair is just a general term. Real hair is also divided into a few categories and levels. Braided hair is the highest grade.

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Braided Hair > Shaved Hair > Straight Foaming Hair > Shaved Hair > Foaming hair

Foaming hair and shaved hair will basically become extra rough after a few washes.

High-grade hair, more natural and supple, easier to clean and care for, the use cycle will also be longer.

Braided hair is recognized as the best hair wig in the wig industry.

What’s the difference between these three hair types?

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  1. Appearance

Chemical fiber hair is relatively stiff, it will reflect very badly under the light source, and it can obviously feel a plastic sense.

Human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair looks slightly better than chemical fiber hair, but you can still feel its color is not natural.

Human hair will look more natural, not much different from our own hair, but shaved and foaming hair without the treatment of hair scales will be easier to frizz, the luster of real hair will be more natural, look more supple.

  1. Hand feeling

Chemical fiber hair feels a little hard, no elasticity and even a little dry.

Human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair feel slightly improved, but the touch is not very good, it feels like bad hair.

Full human hair feels like own hair, but there are also differences, such as: shaved hair, foaming hair is a bit like damaged hair, dry, easy to frizz, and hard. Smooth human hair is silky smooth and elastic, is the dream hair.

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  1. Use cycle

Chemical fiber hair wear once or several times, can not be used.

Human hair mixed with chemical fiber hair is no problem to use for a few months, but the fate is similar to chemical fiber if it is not preserved and cared for.

It’s no problem to use the full human hair for 3-5 years. with the difference is that shaving, foaming hair is easy to frizz, and full human hair gently care can be used.

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