To look at these four points for choosing a good wig, don’t just focus on the price!

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Many customers are confused at choosing the suitable wigs, because the types of wigs are complicated. Today I want to share the four points how to choose a good and suitable wig.

  1. check the quality of wig

Wigs on the market are dazzling, there are human hair, artificial fiber (normal temperature silk, high temperature silk, protein silk), in the face of different materials, how should we choose?

Human hair wig is made of professionally processed human hair, high fidelity, not easy to tie, but also can be ironed, dyed, baked, you can choose the hairstyle by your preference. The chemical fiber wig is made of chemical fiber, the fidelity is poor, sometimes itchy and allergic. The advantage is that the price is cheap.

If you need to wear wigs for a long time and want a more realistic and natural effect, it is recommended to choose real hair, which can be hot and dyed, and it’s easy to save. The hair quality is smooth and silky, and various hairstyles can be made according to their own conditions.

  1. Look at the craftsmanship of the wig

It mainly includes full hand knitting, full mechanism hair set and half mechanism hair set. Most of ordinary traditional wigs, which are mass produced by machines, belong to the full mechanism of hair sets, not real enough, usually at a glance can be seen as wigs.

Now people are more pursuing the true degree of wig, like pure hand-crocheted human hair wig, which is favored. The use of hand stitch to crochet takes longer time than woven wig, a wig takes about 3 weeks, or even longer, so the price will be more expensive.

Such hand-crocheted wigs, from the selection of human hair to the simulation of the scalp needle transfer process is fine, showing the most natural wearing effect.

  1. Tailored or not

If a wig suited everyone, would you choose it? Such a wig is like a uniform size dress, although everyone can use, but certainly not the most suitable for their own. If you want to wear a wig with a realistic effect, just like your own hair, this must be tailored.

Tailored to your head shape, face shape, age, occupation and temperament. The wig made in this way, the size is completely in line with its own situation, the size is appropriate, and it will be more natural to wear.

  1. If the hair can be designed, trimmed, permed and dyed

It is not enough to customize the wig, the hair also needs to be tailored, because each person’s hairstyle is different, can not everyone is the same hairstyle? Hairstyle plays an important role in a person’s appearance, appearance level is not enough, hairstyle to come together!

Hope above information can help you choose a good and suitable wig!

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