The Types of Wigs

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The types of wigs can be classified from multiple dimensions, including raw materials, uses, lengths, styles, colors, and craft crocheting methods etc.

  1. Raw materials:

Human hair: It’s very realistic, feel the same as your own hair, but need careful maintenance, and the price is higher.

Hybrid hair: combines human hair and fiber hair to provide a certain degree of naturalness and comfort.

Fiber hair: Made entirely of chemical fibers, the price is relatively cheap, but the fidelity may not be as good as real hair.

  1. Usage:

Lifestyle wigs: worn daily to decorate or cover up hair problems.

Decorative wig: adornment for specific occasions or events.

Theatrical wig: used for drama, film and other performance occasions.

Model wigs: Used in the modeling industry to add variety and variety to hairstyles.

Teaching practice wig: Used for hairdressing education or practice.

  1. Length and style: Long, short, half, curly, wavy, braid, straight hair, curly hair etc.
  1. Color: Black, light brown, brown, golden yellow, silver gray, linen and red etc.
  2. Craft crocheting method:

Handmade wig: It is thin through the artificial crochet. The area is more invisible. it has good air permeability.

Semi-handmade wig: part of the top of the head is hand-crocheted, the whole back is fixed by machine sewing. It’s cost-effective but the air permeability is not good enough.

Woven wig: The hair cover is ordinary. The whole is a mass sewing machine completed, the fidelity is general, and the air permeability is not good, but it’s cheap.

There are many kinds of wigs, and you can choose the most suitable style and material according to your personal needs and preferences.

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